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Attract investors with your first digital patent. Specialized Software Patent Attorneys explain how Intellectual Property can boost your business.

We guide you through the patent jungle.

Don’t worry – most startups are overwhelmed by the complexity of IP. We explain the basics of patents, trademarks and designs and help you to make the right decisions.

We know about software and AI patents

Today, startups means software. We educate students, comanies and IP experts in AI patenting principles.

We do not charge for informal meetings.

Contact us for questions, share your thoughts. We love to stay connected.

Transparent Pricing

Cost is critical for startups. We provide fixed pricing and cost forecasting.

Onboarding for IP Beginners

We speak your language. We simplify.

Years of Experience

Key Services

Software & AI Patents

Patents on Software are valuable but not easy to get. We are familiar with the specifics of patents for AI, IoT, Software.

Patent Applications (Engineering, Biotech)

Engineering patents drafted by a team of experts in different technical fields.

IP Design

Need an AI or software invention to patent? Our university certfied methodology helps to create digital inventions.

More Services


We register your trademark in Germany (DPMA), Europe (EUIPO) and internationally (WIPO).

Design Patents

Protect the visual appearance and unique desig of your product. Fast registration and attractive pricing.

Risk Check (FTO)

We check whether your product infringes any third-party products.
(Freedom to Operate)

Apply for Wipano 2024 Funding Program

The German Wipano IP Funding program has been re-launched. Get up to 16.500 EUR grant for your first patent application, trademark application and licensing cost.

SME Fund 2024: Money for EU Startups

Get up to 75% discount on trademarks and designs. Plus patent fee support. X-IP manages your application for the EUIPO program.


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