Team and Project Partners

Our Attorneys, Paralegals, and Project Partners

Experts in different technical Fields


Axel Karl, LL.M.

Patent Attorney, Master of Business & IT, Master of IP Law and IP Management, AI/IT, Data Networks

Moritz Breitenbach, LL.M.

Patent Attorney, Master of IP Law & IP Management (Cooperation), Software, BioTech

Jörg Kohlschmidt

Patent Attorney, Litigation (Cooperation) Software, AI, Mobile Communications

Jan Stütz

Patent Attorney (Cooperation) Engineering, Software

Arkadius Dalek

Patent Attorney (Cooperation)
Software, AI, Mechanical Engineering

Magdalena Gerstner

Digital Workflows, Electronic Backoffice Systems

Prosecution Specialists

International Network of IP Experts

Ziebig Hengelhaupt, based in Berlin, Germany, is our sister patent law firm providing a network of IP attorneys worldwide. We closely cooperate for many years on fully digitized back office processes and international patent and trademark extensions.

University proven methodolody

IP Design: Create fresh digital inventions for your business

We are part the IP Business Academy lead by Prof. Dr. A. Wurzer. We create fresh ideas for patents protecting digital business models. Developed in cooperation with Strasbourg University (CEIPI).

We hold Masters qualification for IP Law and IP Management of University de Strasbourg.

Quality Management in IP

We are partner of the German IP Quality Management Initiative (DIN 77006)

We are committed to quality in our processes. We help companies to fulfill the quality standards in managing their IP portfolio.

Training on AI

Staying up-to-date in AI

We must keep pace with the fast developments in AI Tools and applications. Based in in Potsdam Babelsberg (like us), the UDS provides great courses in the latest digital technologies.